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During these two days the school planned many different Christmas-themed activities and the one and only Christmas Concert. The Christmas Concert was held and premiered on the 14th of December on YouTube with over 100 students along with their families watching and getting into the Christmas mood with us.

And even though there was a global pandemic and the concert couldn’t happen in person just like everyone is used to, Ms Hatinová, Mr Hillier and Ms MacLeod still managed to organise and put on an amazing concert. Multiple students and teachers sent in their videos to show off their talents, creating a fun and diverse show getting many into the Christmas cheer but also giving us a fun new way to entertain ourselves. 

I was so excited and honoured to be a part of this show. It was so much fun just to sit down with the rest of my family and watch both my classmates and the older peers make such wonderful performances. I could have not imagined starting my Christmas holidays without the Christmas Concert.

ECP Students wish you a Merry Christmas!

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Isabella van Steeg, Year 1 student