Fragmented marked the return of the ECP Theatre Company after the pandemic years. Scenes from the classic Theatre of the Absurd plays by Beckett, Pinter, Sartre and Havel were blended with more contemporary pieces and some devised material from ECP students. Woven together, this hour-long play kept the audience on their toes as they watched multiple storylines unfold at once asking the question, what is the meaning of life and what makes us truly happy? 

The Na Zábradlí theatre holds a close connection with ECP’s founder Václav Havel. Close to Charles Bridge, this was where Havel started his career – first as a stagehand and letterly as a dissident playwright.

Ms Morgan

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The cast of Fragmented met with Dr Barbara Day, our very own Czech Theatre expert. Dr Day is a Founder Governor of ECP who first came to Prague in the 1960’s where she spent time in Divadlo Na Zábradlí, where our cast performed the week before. She shared her experience and views on Czech Theatre of the Absurd and Experimental Theatre, looking at how things have changed and developed over the years, linked with the history of the country and her own personal lived experiences.
“Dr Day was really articulate and very interesting. She had lots of stories about the history of Czech Theatre in Prague. I had never really heard about it before. Even if you are not a Theatre enthusiast, the history is fascinating. Knowing that we have performed in the Theatre she was talking about, and that she watched us, was really special.” (Karolina)