ROMEO & JULIET: A Post Apocalyptic Romance

Preparations & rehearsals for the upcoming Romeo & Juliet production are in full swing as students from across the Arts Faculty collaborate through Drama, Dance, Music and Visual Arts.  We warmly invite you to see the performance and celebrate their artistic efforts on Tuesday 25th February @ 19.30 (Tickets 250kč/200kč concession). Advance reservations can be made by emailing, payable in cash at the door.   All Y1 & Y2 will visit a matinee on Wednesday 26th at 13.00. 

A number of students are involved in this creative production either as actors, musical performers, dancers, costume designers or set designers. Based on the school’s cross curricular themes of environment and technology we will explore the characters of Romeo and Juliet in a world with an uncertain future.  

Our hope is that by creatively re-interpreting and exploring the historical text through a variety of art forms that our students gain knowledge, insight and experience of the Arts Industry, as well as developing valuable 21st century transferable skills such as collaboration, confidence, imagination and innovation.